A Match Made in Hampshire Heaven by the Art Deco Traveller, Genista Davidson

A Match Made in Hampshire Heaven by the Art Deco Traveller, Genista Davidson

A Match Made in Heaven!

Not too many people know this, but for the past thirty years, I have been having a little fling!  No……. I can be forgiven because it is with a couple of furniture designers by the name of Harry & Lou Epstein.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the names and the designs which these two brothers were adding to our Art Deco history.  They took over the running of the family furniture business in London and during the interwar years produced some imaginative designs including the eponymous Cloud suite and chairs.

At the time of the production these would have been affordable to the middle classes and were not bespoke one off items but were made to order.  They proved very popular during the period.  The walnut veneered backs and sides of the chairs and suite resembled clouds hence the name.  Unfortunately when fashions changed in the 1940s and 1950s people were discarding the ‘old and in with the new’ styles so many of these pieces were discarded.

They are now highly sort after and collectible.  None of these were signed as the Epstein brothers only added factory numbers or signatures later in the 1940s and 50s.  However, this is not a problem as the cloud was synonymous with the brothers and the quality of the coffee tables and dining tables chairs can be easily authenticated by the quality and style.

My affair began when I laid eyes on a ‘said’ sofa and two armchairs many years ago and from then on my love has never diminished.  I have always thought that when the time was right I would invest (and it is an investment as these do not come cheap) in a complete set including the dining table and chairs, the suite and occasional chair, to fit in the alcove window watching the river at the bottom of our garden.

This is where Poirot Art Deco came into my life.  This very professionally well run husband and wife business attracted me with their beautiful well presented Art Deco furniture listed on social media.  I contacted them and voila! My dream Cloud suite and occasional chair arrived.

Steve & Angela Macaulay are knowledgable, dedicated retailers of quality Art Deco pieces, be it furniture, lighting or ornamentation and I highly recommend them.  They graduated in Fine Art and Valuation in 2001 and 2002 respectively.  They both have a passion for the Art Deco era and decided to put their trusted experience and expertise within this field, by starting their own business in 2017.  They now sell, buy and source items within the deco period, never scrimping on quality and always being competitively priced.

What also makes them my most celebrated discovery, is that they also happen to have a delightful Art Deco Bed & Breakfast, YES a match made in heaven for The Art Deco Traveller!

For more information and enquiries for viewing, please contact Steve or Angela at enquiries@poirotartdeco.co.uk

For a list of current stock: www.poirotartdeco.co.uk 

Until next month TTFN, from Genista Davidson The Art Deco Traveller.