Cobwebs is the main port of call for all those who have a passion for ocean liner memorabilia. We have a wide customer base including shipping companies, museums, film and television companies, interior designers and individual collectors around the world. For a quarter of a century we have provided our customers with gems from our maritime heritage. Situated on the south coast of England, Southampton is the premier port in the United Kingdom. The port’s history stretches back to Roman times, but Southampton is perhaps most famous as the home of the Great Liners. Mighty vessels such as Mauretania, Titanic, Olympic, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth sailed from the port during the heydays of ocean liner travel. Today’s vessels including Cunard’s QEII and Caronia and the new generation of great cruisers of the P & O fleet continue this tradition.


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78 Old Northam Road, Southampton. SO14 0PB.