DigiMark Photography was founded by Mark Speight in the early 2000’s and operates nationwide from its base in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The DigiMark photography & video team provides high quality corporate and wedding photography and video services.

We specialise in documenting events and creating impactful imagery for promotional work.

Our teams creativity and technical skill has a loyal following with high profile clients such as ASDA and Virgin and their high quality wedding video and photography is also in high demand.

Equally inspired by the desire to please their audience as the drive to ‘capture the moment’, Mark and his team at DigiMark photography & video understand that satisfying you, their immediate customer, often means satisfying a whole host of other people as well, such as your corporate stakeholders or your wedding guests.

Mark uses top of the range professional Canon DSLRs which enable him to work fast in low light conditions without the need for flash. This is vital for capturing the ambient light at events where there has been considerable investment in lighting effects, as well as for photographing weddings in dimly light churches.

Subtle and unobtrusive, DigiMark photographers enter the spirit of each occasion they document – corporate or personal, large or small – translating it into powerful stills and video imagery.

DigiMark has professional indemnity insurance and full public liability insurance cover for up to £2,000,000.

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