Watton in Norfolk, A Chiming Place from The Art Deco Traveller, Genista Davidson

Watton in Norfolk, A Chiming Place from The Art Deco Traveller, Genista Davidson

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Having adopted Norfolk and Suffolk as my home counties for the past 35 years, I do like to frequent my local antique and retro shops.

Always on my list is Carson, Draper & Humphries, in the market town of Watton, approximately 25 miles south west of Norwich in Norfolk, as I never know what I will find!

They specialise in clocks of all shapes and sizes and are known country wide for their expertise in buying, selling and repairs.  Breathing new life and bringing back the tick tock, to clocks is booming and the telephone is always ringing requesting a service or repair.

The shop however is also filled with an eclectic mix of antiques from all periods.  I was absolutely chuffed to see the art deco Lorenzl book ends still waiting for me, as on my last visit I was pondering where I could put them, in my art deco overpopulated apartment.

This time I was not leaving without them and decided they would take pride of place showcasing my five books being published in spring 2019.  In fact they have given me the impetus and ‘push’ for want of a better word to finalise the fiddly bits, which I have been putting off!

On my previous visit I purchased a splendid late Victorian hat and silver handled walking stick which belonged to the eminent Lady Walsingham.  She used to wear it every Sunday to church for many years.  I do so love the history which these treasured objects hold.

These are the some of the delightful mix that awaits you along with the knowledgeable owners whose lifelong love of antiques has blossomed in their well stocked shop, located at: 47 High Street, Watton, Norfolk. IP25 6AB.  01953 880157

Carson, Draper & Humphries: www.carsonanddraper.co.uk  / FB page: www.facebook.com/carsonanddraper / Clock Repairs: www.clockaholic.co.uk

Until next month TTFN, from Genista Davidson The Art Deco Traveller.

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